Oyster Earrings


Oysters, particularly raw ones, are also a well-known, potent aphrodisiac. Their status as a sexual stimulant originated when Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love for whom aphrodisiacs are named, gave birth to Eros on an oyster shell. The oyster’s reputation for enhancing sexual prowess continued during the reign of the Roman Empire through 17th-century Netherlands where they were regarded as the epitome of an aphrodisiac, and are still believed to be a sexual aide today. The illustrious lover, Casanova, is said to have eaten 50 raw oysters in the bath every morning with his current lover to jumpstart his day. So, do oysters actually live up to their reputation? Some evidence indicates they may actually work. They contain zinc and high levels of protein, both of which increase male fertility.

Although our Nola Hook Bracelet oysters are made of 925 fine sterling silver, you should still ask your Doctor if it is right for you. SMILE