King Cake


The tradition of the “King Cake” arrived in New Orleans around 1870.

A tradition with its origins in religion and royalty. Commencing on the epiphany or “Three Kings Day” it represents the arrival of the three kings at the stable where Jesus was born. It represents the day when Baby Jesus first showed himself to the wise men.

The colors purple, green, and gold represent Justice, Faith, and Power respectively. The baby hidden inside represents the Christ Child.   “galetle de roi” – King Cake in French.


Mardi Gras Season – Fat Tuesday, begins on Three Kings Day and ends on Fat Tuesday. The day before the Lenten Season begins (Ash Wednesday)

I’m not blaming King Cakes but I can vouch for the fact that most New Orleans are heavier by the end of the Season, Fat Tuesday. Well worth it…I might add.

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